FA Wind Driven Turbine Ventilator

FA Wind Driven Turbine Ventilator with Hybrid Boost Bearing is designed in USA, and has been engineered with computer designed for rigid frame construction to ensure efficient and quiet operation at very low speed of wind and yet can withstand a wind velocity in excess of 238 km/h. Air ventilation via FA Wind Driven Turbine Ventilator using the forces of wind power and buoyancy to help air move naturally through a building, rather using expensive, energy intensive fans to push air around.


Wind Driven Effect

The ambient wind from outside the building created energy to turns the ventilator when passes by the vanes hence forming a centrifugal suction to the air inside the building.

Stack Effect

Difference in temperature between the outdoor air and indoor air created pressure differences resulting positive buoyancy force. This force will turn the ventilator when passes the vanes.

How Does It Work?


- Rust free stainless steel 304, or aluminum!

- Wind-powered with zero operating costs!

- Tested to withstand winds of 238km / hr!

- Superior self-lubricating USA designed Hybrid Boost Bearing results in zero drag!

- Whisper quiet brush-less USA designed Hybrid Boost Bearing!

- Reduces moisture, mould and heat levels!

- It's the turbine that keeps turning!

- Reduces cooling energy costs!

- Maintenance free!


FA Wind Driven Turbine Ventilator is designed in 4 major types, i.e. 18, 21, 23 and 28-inches. All FA Wind Driven Turbine Ventilators are fitted with US Hybrid Boost Bearing to provide silent operation and trouble free maintenance. The natural (mechanical) of FA Wind Driven Turbine Ventilator will provide better air changes and remove not only hot air and moist but also pollutants, chemical fumes, odor and omission of any toxic.